Turn Your Favorite Backyard Space into an Outdoor Home Theater with the Veranda Series of SunBriteTVs

Summer is finally here and that means we can finally move our activities out of our house and into the back yard. And one of our favorite backyard activities is family movie night. We light a fire in the firepit, toast a few marshmallows for S’mores and then cuddle up with the girls to watch our favorite movies.

This used to be quite the chore, unplugging everything from our family room TV and carrying it outside, but the Veranda Series of SunBriteTVs is the perfect solution to turn your outdoor space into a permanent outdoor home theater.

While you certainly wouldn’t want to leave just any TV outside and exposed to the elements, the Veranda Series of SunBriteTVs are engineered specifically for any covered outdoor space and are built to survive just about any climate in North America, resisting the harsh effects of rain, snow, dust, insects, and extreme temperatures.

You may have noticed that your indoor TV is sometimes a challenge to watch in the daylight. The beauty of the SunBriteTV Veranda is a family of weatherproof televisions is that they incorporate a direct-lit 4K UHD screen with HDR, which is up to 50% brighter than indoor TVs for improved viewing in brighter outdoor environments. They are available in 43”, 55”, 65” and 75” sizes.

If you love being outside as much as I do and love sharing your favorite movies with your children, take a good look at the Veranda Series of SunBriteTVs.


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