Unusual & Awesome AirBnB Rentals (22 Photos)

If you haven’t heard of AirBnB, you are going to be glad you clicked on this post. AirBnB is a place where travellers can book a space from hosts, connecting people who have a space to spare with those looking for a place to stay. Ever since our discovery of this site we use it to find places to stay all over the world, most of the time at a much cheaper price then the surrounding hotels. Even better is that AirBnB can allow for some pretty unique places to stay just to add to your travel experience.

Here are just a few places we have bookmarked of spectacular and bizarre AirBnB rentals we are dying to stay at.

Yellowstone Tipi

Suburban Men

Only minutes from the Yellowstone National Park, spend the night surrounded by the sights, sounds and smells of nature inside your very own tipi.

Location: West Yellowstone, MT, United States
Price: $110/night

The Boot

Suburban Men

If you are looking for a unique B&B experience, I think we have found it. Straight out of a fairytale, this boot shaped house has all you need – a comfy bed, a cozy fireplace and nestled within a grove of hazelnut trees.

Location: Tasman, Tasman, New Zealand
Price: $230/night

Vintage Airstream

Suburban Men

Imagine staying right on the beach in a vintage Airstream. You can explore Australia’s beautiful coastline whilst ‘glamping’ in style.

Location: Peggy Sue, Rye, Victoria, Australia
Price: $204/night

Romantic Amapas with Infinity Pool

Suburban Men

When we first laid eyes on this apartment in Mexico our jaws dropped. The views are amazing, the rooms are stunning and the infinity pool just tops it off – wow!

Location: Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico
Price: $165/night

Glass Tree House

Suburban Men

This gorgeous forest retreat allows for stunning views as most of the building is made of glass.

Location: Atlanta, GA, United States
Price: $500/night

King of the Castle

Suburban Men

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in a castle? This castle was built in the 1400’s and has been refurbished with a toilet and bath (as they didn’t have such facilities back when it was built).

Location: Galway, Galway, Ireland
Price: $144/night

Night on a Yacht

Suburban Men

Spend a wonderful day on board the Old Dream cruising on the South of Mallorca and then sleep the night as it docks into a romantic bay.

Location: Sóller, Balearic Islands, Spain
Price: $577/night

Glass Cabin

Suburban Men

Someone in Brazil took recycling glass bottles to a whole new level when they made this one-of-a-kind, colourful home.

Location: Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil
Price: $72/night

Geodesic Dome

Suburban Men

This newly built wood dome is smack dab in the middle of Bethlehem, Connecticut. It doesn’t have heat or power, but it definitely beats pitching a tent when you want to be one with nature!

Location: Bethlehem, CT, United States
Price: $49/night

Fairytale Treehouse

Suburban Men

Step into Neverland. Set amongst lush greenery, each room is beautifully furnished with antiques, natural artifacts and the sounds of the trees around you. It’s a perfect city retreat.

Location: Atlanta, GA, United States
Price: $350/night

A-Frame Cabin

Suburban Men

California isn’t all sandy beaches, it’s also filled with the rustic wilderness. That’s where this hand-built, cozy cabin comes in. It features a full outdoor kitchen, wood-fired sauna, an organic garden and holistic massage options. Yes, please.

Location: Gasquet, CA, United States
Price: $50/night

Spend the night in an Igloo

Suburban Men

Ever wanted to see what it is like sleeping in an igloo – well now you can. The Iglu Village is located amidst the breathtaking mountains of the Kühtai ski resort.

Location: Kühtai, Tirol, Austria
Price: $114/night

Clock Tower Guest Suite

Suburban Men

This flat above St Pancras International is in the famous clock tower. A ten metre high room in the tower looks out on many of London’s landmarks such as St Paul’s Cathedral. A large kitchen/dining room on the top floor looks out over Kings Cross Station.

Location: Greater London, United Kingdom
Price: $232/night

Jungle Tree House

Suburban Men

Experience the unparalleled beauty of Nicaragua at this 2-story home overlooking the Pacific Ocean and one of Central America’s largest private wildlife corridors, making incredible wildlife sightings a daily occurrence.

Location: San Juan del Sur, Rivas, Nicaragua
Price: $200/night

Dog Bark Park Inn B&B

Suburban Men

Stay in a giant dog! That’s right, it’s a beagle-shaped one-unit inn where being in this doghouse is a GOOD thing and comfortable to boot!

Location: Cottonwood, ID, United States
Price: $98/night

Night Under the Stars

Suburban Men

If you are looking for a place to spend gazing up at the stars, then this is it. Elqui Domos is a very unique lodging offer, it is one of the 7 astronomic hotels worldwide, and the only one in the South Hemisphere. So why not go and enjoy the magical skies of Elqui Valley in this amazing AirBnB rental.

Location: Paiguano, Coquimbo, Chile
Price: $190/night

Stay the Night in a Beer Barrel

Suburban Men

Well, here’s something different – come and stay in a historic beer barrel bed. The barrel is from the 19th Century and was in use until about 1995. One barrel can be rented as a double bed or a single bed.

Location: Ostbevern, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Price: $115/night

Tree Sparrow House

Suburban Men

Imagine relaxing and unwinding at the magical treehouse, perched in an ash tree with sweeping sea and countryside views. We love how tree seems to have created this little house with winding branches through the rooms.

Location: St. Keverne, England, United Kingdom
Price: $154/night

The Seashell House

Suburban Men

If you love the beach as much as we do, then you will love this quirky seashell house. The architecture is stunning and makes you feel like you are one with the ocean, the beds, tables and even shower heads are themed around shells.

Location: Isla Mujeres, Mexico
Price: $225/night


Suburban Men

During WWII many Rotterdam buildings were destroyed. The architects had a bit of fun redesigning many areas in new, modern and surprising styles. One example is The Cubic Houses, designed in the 1980s. They are basic, standard houses, yet have been turned on a 45 degree angle.

Location: Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands
Price: $144/night

Airplane Suite

Suburban Men

Imagine having an entire plane all to yourself. The plane has been converted into a single luxury suite for two guests, including a jacuzzi, sauna and 3 flat screen TVs!

Location: Teuge, Gelderland, Netherlands
Price: $534/night

Alone on your very own Fiji Island

Suburban Men

We think the title says it all. Nanuku Island is a tiny 10-acre paradise covered in coconut trees. The sandy shores are surrounded by reef where turtles dwell and lay there eggs each year in the sands of this private island.

Location: Nanuku Levu, Fiji
Price: $500/night


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