Vets Continue to Serve in Military Motorcycle Clubs (16 Photos)

The sight of a group of riders wearing black leather jackets atop roaring motorcycles used to conjure up images of trouble and a disregard for the rules of society. Yet, now, for veterans and service members across the United States, there’s no higher honor than to hop on their motorcycle and join fellow veterans to pay tribute to those who have chosen to serve their country.

“We want to show our respect for them and wake up the community and say never forget,” said Staff Sgt. John Gregory, a senior mechanic with the 724th Transportation Co. and the national president of the Brothers In Arms Motorcycle Club, one of dozens formed by service members or veterans who share a common bond that goes beyond the rumbling engine. “It’s freedom for me, partly,” he said. “Being in the military with it being as constrained and confined as it is, the closest I can come to being totally free is to get on my bike and hit the open road.”


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