We Would Live in Filson’s New Flagship Store if They Would Let Us (8 Photos)

Filson, the purveyor of finely crafted, rugged outdoor wear and gear has just opened their new flagship retail store in the heart of Seattle’s SoDo (South of Downtown) neighborhood just a stone’s throw from Safeco Field and Starbucks’ headquarters.

Founded in 1897 by a former railroad conductor to outfit adventurers heading to the Klondike Gold Rush in durable, albeit expensive, outerwear. Based in Seattle for the past 188 years, the new flagship store is part of Filson’s strong push into the brick & mortar space, fueled by the popularity of the lumbersexual craze that has taken hold across the country.

The new store is 6,400 sq. ft. of outdoorsy ruggedness that is equal parts retail space with the largest selection of Filson products in the world and a museum dedicated to Filson’s roots featuring items from the Klondike Gold Rush as well as vintage Filson equipment. The décor is filled with salvaged wood, ironwork and art from local craftsmen reflects Filson’s rich heritage. When you enter the store, the first thing you see if workers stitching Filson leather bags.

In addition to Seattle, Filson has stores in Portland, Minneapolis, New York and London. It also operates two outlets, in Burlington, Skagit County, and in Eagan, Minn.


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