What NFL Stadiums Could Look Like in the Future (Video)

This is a very cool video describing what NFL (and other sports) stadiums will look like in the future. The shift is to downtown and integrated directly into the city core. A few decades ago, we saw major sports stadiums being dropped in the suburbs. The property is less expensive, more property is available for parking, and the architects who designed them could WOW! people with size and volume.

It’s a horrible trend, but the cost of these massive stadiums has gotten so large that being 100% privately funded simply isn’t realistic. Almost all new stadiums will be, at least in part, publicly funded projects. What do the taxpayers get for their hundreds of millions of dollars when the new building is put in the suburbs…nothing.

While the shift in new construction to downtown is better, in order for these massive structures to generate money on days other than Sunday there must be a shift in philosophy. This video put together by Wired and Sports Illustrated discusses the future.


Greg Baugher

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