What’s Your Whiskey? (9 Photos)

Drink it neat. Drink it tall. Drink it mixed or garnished; hot or cold; in the summer, winter, autumn, or spring. Whiskey (or whisky, depending on who you ask) is a drink for any man, any woman, in any season, on any occasion. It’s rich. It’s versatile. It’s smooth. In fact, it was used as currency during the American Revolution—so we know this is a spirit for those who are free. And it might even help prevent cancer! Enough said.

As the holidays approach, enjoy the cold nights with a classic hot toddy in hand, or warm into your mornings with an Irish coffee. Celebrate your friends with a Jack and Coke or play it cool and sip a Manhattan. You don’t have to be an expert on whiskey to know what you like, but there’s so much to learn…


Greg Baugher

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