Stunning Drone Footage of Antarctica (Video)

Antarctica is one of those continents that few ever visit and few have on their travel bucket list. Yet, the beauty of the vast wilderness is undeniable. Antartica is a land virtually untouched by inhabitants of the humankind, lacking a native population and only housing visiting scientists and research stations temporarily. It is a place where only animals call home. The voyage is difficult and the trip quite costly for those who venture forth to see this lonely continent, but worth it. The land is peaceful and unencumbered by humanity and hopefully will remain that way as it is protected by an international treaty between 46 countries.

Swedish filmmaker Kalle Ljung had the opportunity to spend twenty days in the vast wilderness of ice and created some stunning aerial footage of this spectacular land. Using a GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition and DJI Phantom 2 and editing the final footage with Final Cut Pro X, Ljung takes you high above the icy glaciers and smooth landscapes to give you a glimpse of this beautiful land. It’s not surprising the video was a Vimeo Staff Pick.

Kalle Ljung

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