Who We Are

Suburban Men is a unique photo-centric online destination for men. While there are many photo sites focused on the male audience, the overwhelming majority of these sites are geared to the college-age demographic. We at Suburban Men take a different approach.

We concentrate on the positive aspects of being a man. We are proud that we have received many communications from our followers thanking us for providing them with an alternative to the other men’s site. A site that highlights spending time in the great outdoors, sipping a fine whiskey or smoking a smooth cigar. We are proud to be a site that you can share with you with your father or son. And that your wife will dig it too.

In fact, while being a male-oriented site, over 37% of our audience are females who share and believe in our core message.

Comment Policy

Suburban Men moderates all comments. Intelligent, funny, thoughtful comments – or comments that add a deeper understanding of an issue – are welcome. What we do not allow: speech that advocates or supports violence, misstatements of fact, racism, homophobia, anti-Semitism or other intolerance. Basically, don’t be a tool. We know this is a gray area, and what constitutes being a tool varies by geographical location or upbringing. If you do not see your comment within a day after posting, and you think it deserves to be posted, please contact us and make your case and be prepared to explain how you are not being a tool.


Suburban Men is owned by Suburban Men Media, LLC

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