Here’s What Guys Are Pinning on Pinterest (31 Photos)

Hey folks, guess what? More and more guys are diving into the world of Pinterest — a place often tagged as a gals-only zone. Recent stats show that nearly 45% of new Pinterest users in 2023 were fellas, busily pinning and sharing cool stuff. This ain’t about the guys invading the gals’ space, it’s about everyone realizing Pinterest isn’t just about cute cupcake recipes or DIY room decor.

Pinterest has become a go-to for all sorts of inspo — be it hardcore DIY stuff, gym routines, graphic design, or even the latest trends in men’s fashion. Plus, Pinterest’s been trying to shake off its “for gals only” tag, pushing out more inclusive ads and content that everyone can enjoy. So, the old idea of Pinterest being a women-only hangout? That’s old news. In today’s digital world, we’re seeing more blokes stepping into Pinterest and enjoying the heaps of inspiration it offers. Who knows, your best buddy might be pinning some rad stuff on there already!

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