Nick Offerman’s ‘Holiday Yule Log’ Is Our New Very Favorite Christmas Thing (Video)

How do you improve on a simple holiday tradition like the yule log?

You add whisky and Nick Offerman. And you get perfection.

The actor who played Ron Swanson on “Parks and Recreation” appears in an ad for Lagavulin whisky that shows him sitting and drinking in front of a fire for 45 minutes.

It’s a clever play on the annual “Yule Log,” the channel that plays a continuous loop of a fireplace at Christmastime.

Except it’s better. Way better.

Ad Week called it “45 minutes of silent, uninterrupted brilliance.

It noted that people will likely start talking about Lagavulin whisky at parties if they decide to switch out the traditional yule log for this one.

It’s the next best thing to seeing Nick Offerman drink whisky in person.

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