Fourteen Gorgeous Instagram Redheads You Must Follow

Redheads are rare among the populace, only about 2 percent of the population in the United States. Thus they stand out more in photographs and film and there’s something about them that just makes them special. A redheaded woman just seems to have an extra spark to stand out and that includes their work in movies, TV, music and other forms of entertainment.

The rise of social media has allowed us to see a lot more of these lovely gingers from mega stars to the less famous. That included Instagram as celebrities love to share photos of themselves along with stories and other items for their fans. It humanizes them a bit while still retaining the factor that appeals. Here are sixteen of the hottest gingers to check out on Instagram and remind you how much fun a redhead can be in every way imaginable.

@themanuc 💜

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Elegant portrait

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone ❤️

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📸 @luizaferraz

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After auditioning is always a strange feeling 🦁🐙 #actorslife #mondaze

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All in white ☺ #summeroutfit #redheadgirl #summerstyles #viennalove #whiteoutfit

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Estou pedindo pra sair já, parece que as férias não vão chegar nunca!

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Greg Baugher

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