Stop What You’re Doing and Watch this 5,000 Firework Deathstar Video

When the words “Deathstar” and “fireworks” are in one sentence, things are about to get interesting. In this video put out by YouTube stuntman Colin Furze, the “Deathstar” name delivers what is maybe the most amazing fireworks display ever.

With 58 boxes of fireworks all electronically wired together and situated atop a huge crane, the result is a fantastic, colorful, explosive show unlike anything else out there. How is that even legal? (Although who knows; maybe it really isn’t.)

With boxes of fireworks arranged in a circle that resembles something of a Deathstar, the entire night sky lights up as the show is kicked off. Furze stands euphorically with his arms spread out as a dazzling array of sparks and colors glow behind him. Think of this as seeing a fireworks show, but skipping the boring parts and watching nothing but the grand finale the entire time.

Furze writes that this epic display contained a total of 5,000 shots with 59 fuses. The fireworks are in celebration of Furze’s YouTube channel hitting three million subscribers, and if he keeps putting out videos like this, it’s going to be fun to watch his channel grow. I can’t wait to see what kind of wild, crazy display Furze puts out when he reaches ten million subscribers.

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