Of Course Australia Would Have the Craziest Boat Racing You’ve Ever Seen (Video)

Leave it to Australia, a land where the toilets flush counter clockwise and the babes are nicknamed after kangaroos, to…

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Dream House – Australian Surfer’s Paradise (23 Photos)

div class=”text-content”> If tropical is what you’re looking for then look no further. This private Gold Coast estate home truly…

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Stunning 4K Drone Video Will Make You Want to Explore Australia (4K Video)

Having had the unique opportunity to live in the Australian Outback for two years, I know well the stunning beauty…

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Suburban Men’s Bucket List – Diving the Great Barrier Reef (25 Photos)

Life is short and every man should have a bucket list of adventures he’d like to experience. Over the next…

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Happy Australia Day! (26 Photos)

Australians celebrate their national day – Australia Day – with fun in the sun. It is a designated public holiday…

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