27 Things Every Man Should Experience (27 Photos)

It’s easy in the life of comfort we have built around ourselves to relax and accept the mundane and routine. But really, what defines being a man more than the embracing change and trying new experiences? Don’t ever settle for an ordinary life. Below is our list of 27 Things Every Man Should Experience. We’d love to hear what you would add to this list. Let us know in the comments below.

Attend a Presidential Campaign Speech

What better way to see a presidential hopeful in action. What better way to know if he – or she – is the right person for the job.

Play Golf in Scotland

Suburban Men

Isolated, muscular, and nasty – the type of courses that make it fun to play golf the way it was meant to be played.

Tour an Industrial Slaughterhouse

Suburban Men

It will only prove why grass-fed beef is better for all concerned.

Serve on a Jury

Suburban Men

Quit bitching – it’s your civic responsibility. Besides, you might actually learn something.

Visit Your Local Landfill

Suburban Men

Pull something worth salvaging. You’ll strike a blow against the mindless waste we all produce.

Watch the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Suburban Men

Witness the sacrifice, devotion, and response of what it’s like to serve your country.

Watch a Professional Chef at Work

Suburban Men

It will allow you to appreciate their craft – as well as every meal you eat thereafter.

Listen to a Veteran’s War Stories

Suburban Men

Buy them a beer. Ask lots of questions. Really listen.

Take a Little Girl to See “The Nutcracker”

Suburban Men

For 2 hours it’s the best thing that ever happened to either of you.

Be Humbled at an Unemployment Office

Suburban Men

What better way to appreciate your job when you watch men shuffle in line to collect their check.

See a Predator Stalk Their Prey

Suburban Men

Watching any predator – a lion, a fox, a hawk – remain motionless as they hunt for its food will send every man a message to put more effort into their meals than to simply order take-out.

See the Grand Canyon

Suburban Men

It cannot be said enough – standing on the edge will make you feel insignificant.

Watch a NASCAR Race

Suburban Men

Did you not see Austin Dillion’s horrifying crash from Daytona?

Shoot a Gun

Suburban Men

Any gun will do – rifle, shotgun, or pistol. You need to know what it feels like have your heart bursting at the end of your arm.

Kill, Dress, Cook, and Eat Your Dinner

Suburban Men

Whether it’s a fish, a duck, or a deer – no store-bought meat will ever taste as good.

Eat Something that Makes You Uncomfortable

Suburban Men

Tongue, kidneys, brain, testicles, or haggis – if you’re a picky eater, you’re hardly a man.

Watch a Sunrise (or Sunset)

Suburban Men

There’s one every single day, and they’re absolutely free. Go outside and enjoy it.

Watch a Desert Bloom

Suburban Men

What better way to see Mother Nature at her best when conditions are at their worst.

Walk Around New York City

Suburban Men

You will see and hear things that cannot be experienced in any other city in the country.

Camp in the Bonneville Salt Flats

Suburban Men

Go there to sleep outside and see the stars at night. Go there to drive really, really fast. Go there so you can experience being alone.

Go See How Beer, Wine, or Whiskey is Made

Suburban Men

It will make you appreciate how the course of humanity was forever changed by fermenting grain and fruit.

Ride a Horse

Suburban Men

At full gallop across a field.

Make Love in a Body of Water

Suburban Men

Ocean. Lake. River. Creek. Swimming pool. Hot tub. Any will do.

Break a Sheet of Glass with a Hammer

Suburban Men

Sheer destructive pleasure has never been so much fun.

Milk a Cow

Suburban Men

And then drink it.

Shovel Soil onto a Casket

Suburban Men

Very painful, but perhaps the most healing way of letting go.

Get Hopelessly Lost

Suburban Men

When you’re lost, and don’t know where you are, what better way to end up where you most want to be.


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