Drones and Smoke Bombs is the Coolest Thing You’ll See This Week (Video)

Looks like drones can add yet another skill to their expansive resume: making rainbows. Director Paul Trillo has crafted a mesmerizing short film, Chromaticity, that essentially turns the sky into a bleeding canvas of glorious Technicolor and wonder, all thanks to drones and smoke grenades. Utilizing four drones, including DJI Phantom and DJI Inspire drones, Trillo and his team, aided by Aerobo, a company that designs and operates drones for various applications, including filmmaking purposes, took to the sky above the Jersey Shore and made it their canvas, saturating it with colored smoke grenades.

Attached to the drones, the smoke grenades unleashed bursts of colors in the sky over the ocean. The drones, which were programmed to pull off various feats of aerial choreography and in-air acrobatics, were able to carry and spread these streaks of smoky color, creating amazing patterns, trails and fluidity with the smoke. Hundreds of smoke grenades were used to paint the sky for the film, which creates an illusion of random explosions of color in the sky thanks to the drones being digitally removed from the final product.


Greg Baugher

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