Patagonia Might Be the Most Beautiful Place on Earth (22 Photos)

At South America’s southernmost tip lies a vast and wild land that has been barely settled or civilized since humans first arrived tens of thousands of years ago. Patagonia is, as Bruce Chatwin famously wrote, “the farthest place to which man walked from his place of origin,” and to this day it retains near-mythical status in the minds of the world’s adventurers.

Spanning both Argentina and Chile, Patagonia is home to fantastic mountain peaks, vast and empty steppes, glaciers and ice fields, and stunning national parks. It is an incredible display of natural beauty, virtually untouched by the hands of man

If the rugged Cordillera del Paine mountains are the 600,000-acre park’s backbone, the 9,300-foot granite spires form its heart.

Along Torres del Paine’s western edge, massive fingers of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field claw down broad valleys, melting into dreamy blue and gray lakes. Glacial ice tumbles down steep mountain flanks, feeding rumbling rivers so pure you can drink straight from the stream.

In terms of scale, this is a landscape that refuses to be contained. Good luck trying to fit it all into one photo frame. Instead, immerse yourself in the park’s natural grandeur.

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