This Ultimate Man Cave Garage is Nicer Than Your House (19 Photos)

Most homes have their own garage. It could either be part of the entire layout or separately designed. Some has closed garage areas while others prefer to park their cars on an open lawn. Whatever it is that one wants, it depends on the home owner’s needs, desires and budget. But have you seen a luxurious yet simple looking garage? You will surely be awed after seeing what we will be featuring today.

The structure is named Ultimate Man Cave and Sports Car Showcase located in Connecticut which can be every man’s dream. It has a barn-like design using reclaimed chestnut, pine lumber and natural stone. The natural stone flooring is kept nice and warm with its in-floor radiant heat. The lighting and the sound system is controlled through an iPad or iPhone. Everything inside is very hi-tech for even the bathroom has a remote-controlled toilet. You will also not be able to smell fumes inside since there is a smoke eater.\

TR Building & Remodeling

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