A Road Trip Down Historic Route 66 (35 Photos)

Think classic American road trip and the name Route 66 will undoubtedly come up sooner rather than later, and for good reason.

As one of the most historic and popular highways in North America (and dare we say the world), Route 66 has gone through a series of changes since its inception in 1926, going from ultimate ‘Mother Road’ to one that arguably offers an opportunity for small businesses to attach their name to as a means for survival.

Route 66 has almost gone from an aspirational link between the industrial East and the sun-soaked West to a destination in its own right. Many talk of now traveling on Route 66. Where to? Well, does it even matter anymore? In a world where travelling from point A to point B is becoming a chore rather than a pastime, perhaps it’s refreshing to see Route 66 come as far as it has.

The building of the new interstate had a huge impact on the old Route 66. It offered people a much faster way of traveling west but lacked the distinct character of the old road. Today, though, Route 66 is still a crucial element of the modern trail, one that provides a fascinating insight into an America, both old and new.

Nonetheless, for those that want to tap into the nostalgic elements of Route 66, here are just some of the things you can look forward to.

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