#CampingWithDogs is What Instagram Was Made For (39 Photos)

Ever wondered how good the experience of camping with your dog would be? Nashville based Ryan Carter, like most of the dog owners, loves to spend most of his time with his dog Cooper. One fine day Ryan came up with an idea of starting an Instagram account Camping With Dogs @campingwithdogs, with the objective of inspiring people to take their dogs camping and hiking.

“We are the voice for dogs that can’t speak for themselves. You know what they say? Take me camping. Take me hiking. Take me kayaking, fishing, or even biking. Your dog wants to spend quality time with you and we’re here to advocate spending time outdoors with them.” they say on their website.

The guys at Camping With Dogs successfully organized the first “Nation Camping With Dogs Day” recently on 5 September. It is a day to get out and enjoy hiking and camping with your dog.

This Instagram account with 275k+ followers if full of adorable photos of the man’s best friend enjoying themselves as they go camping and experience the adventures around the world.

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